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In memory of my beloved son, Robert A. Iselin, age 51, who was killed in a hunting accident

March 9, 2013.


Breeding and showing since 1996

 You can contact me about advance reservations.

I have a small cattery and only have a litter or two a year. Most of my cats are retired.

You are welcome to pick up your kitten.

Please feel free to contact me with any questions at:

Shown below is a beautiful bronze female as an example of what a bronze will look like.



It has recently come to my attention that there are some new breeders advertising and selling what is called Native Egyptian Maus. This can be misleading because are they meeting the standard as recognized by nearly every recognized registry? Long hair, orange color, etc. etc. are not what I consider Egyptian Mau traits. Picking a cat up off the streets of Egypt does not make it an Egyptian Mau any more than going to Maine and picking up a cat makes it  a Maine Coon. What are the health issues? Many years ago when Egyptian Maus came into this country there was many health issues. Consciences breeders are careful to use only non related sire and damn. If a health problem is found we no longer use that sire or damn. Thus over the course of time the Egyptian Mau has become a  healthy breed. There are good breeders who love the breed and try very hard to produce excellence. Believe me nothing makes us happier that a good report from new owners.

Ask questions, ask to see pictures of the queen with her kittens, ask if the sire and damn are registered cats with CFA, ACFA or TICA.

It is better to be safe than sorry.


Michel shown below.


Something I feel I should mention about your new kitten. You should understand they are babies and can be frightened when

going into a new home. I have spent a lot of time with them also my granddaughters love to play with them. Some go into a new home

slap your big dog and take over the house like it has always lived there. However, there has been a couple over the years that have been

frightened and the new owners think there is something wrong with them. No, they have just left their mother, me their second mother,

their litter mates and home where they felt safe. You need to schedule your pickup when you will be able to devote a lot of time with

them speaking softly and playing. Expect the possibility of them hiding under the bed or couch for a day or two. It is only a possibility

as generally they do just great. They are very people orientated, loving and love being with you...needy. I have been told by 99% of the

new owners the kitten has done great.



Below is a female kitten from a previous litter I am keeping. I had forgotten how much fun and how sweet kittens are to have around the house.

I hadn't kept a kitten in several years. Her purr is louder than her meow.

I have named the her Hapi because of her good nature and loving disposition.

Hapi, shown below,  helped her mother, Kiki, with her next litter. This is unusual because new  Mau Moms don't appreciate

other cats around their young. Hapi bathed and played with the kittens and Kiki seemed glad to have the additional help. It has also produced

a new bond between Hapi and Kiki that had been severed when Kiki weaned Hapi.

Hapi had a litter of her own and has proved to be an excellent mother.

  They never cease to amaze me.

Shown below are kittens from previous years.

Silver female  6 wks old

Same silver female

Silver male



A Word From Kay Sasser:

My kittens are sold as pets and some are show quality kittens. I DO NOT sell breeding cats and I do not ship out of the U. S. Again they are quality kittens for pets and I am not selling kittens with breeding rights. Breeding cats require special housing.

To reserve a kitten a 200.00 deposit is required to hold the kitten until time for it to leave. This is a non refundable deposit but goes toward the cost of the kitten.

All kittens have shots, health certificate, kitten care information and registered with CFA also can be registered with ACFA and TICA.

My kittens are raised in my home in a loving environment, not caged.

A word or two about de-clawing. Please don't bother to contact me if you plan on de-clawing a kitten you get from me. It is inhumane. It is like cutting your finger off to the first joint. Ouch! Often the cat doesn't get over the trauma and stress, ever. Stress is a big killer in cats.

My pet sitter, Connie, asked if I would take an orange male cat that needed an outdoor home. He was a known sprayer. He had been at the vets office for six months where she works. He had all shots, neutered and de-clawed. They had tried to place him several times but because of his spraying habit had been quickly returned. He would have to be sent to the catnip field in the sky if a home wasn't found for him. He had been at the vets office far too long. (This may have been a trick. I am a pretty soft touch) Anyway Duffy loves it here but had to establish his place in the pecking order of the cats. Having no front claws he had no defense. He was attacked a number of times due to his aggressive behavior. When he arrived here he felt he was the boss of this property. An abscess on his side festered from a bite. He was a pretty sick boy but is fine now. He still attempts to scratch his claws on trees, he doesn't realize he doesn't have claws.

He is a really neat cat, so loving, happy and follows us around all over the property. Has to have his nose into everything. It makes me so sad and mad that he will always have a tuff time because of his inability to protect himself.

You say, my cat will never go out BUT what if it accidentally does?





Mas-Ree Mau is a small Cattery with CFA/ACFA registered Egyptian Mau's. I have a couple of litters a year now as most of my cats are retired and living the good life. The Cattery name - Mas-Ree Mau in Arabic means "Egyptian Mau" and Mau means Cat. My kittens are available in silver,  and bronze. I am breeding for clean silvers. Reasonably priced and shipping is available. The kittens are born and raised in my home under foot and learn to socialize with other cats and people. Work in my office is halted numerous times a day for petting, play and affection. This is a great stress reliever!

Pet and show quality loving kittens are available. They are extremely affectionate and fiercely loyal to their families, both human and feline. Maus carry on conversations with a combination of soft meows and "chortling" in a soft melody. They are well mannered not hyper nor destructive. Some choose to be a one person cat.

With their animated personality, vivid expressions, striking colors and markings visitors will say "What kind of cat is that? I've never seen anything like it." And that is just part of the fun of having an Egyptian Mau of your very own!

Approximately 1/3 acre here at Mas-Ree Maus has cat fencing. This keeps my cats in and others out. The adult females are given the freedom to roam this area during the day to climb, stalk and be "normal" cats. The toms or "the boys" as I call them, Ingot, Smokey, and Michel are rotated in afternoon and evening for this freedom and exercise. I feel this promotes good muscle tone and appetite. I recommend letting cats out ONLY with cat fencing or an enclosure. If this is unavailable the Egyptian Mau is definitely a cat you will want to keep inside, not only for good health but due to the possibility of theft of this rare beauty.

A new "boy", Michel, is coming along beautifully. A bronze,  3rd generation out of Egypt. Extreme body type with great spots. He is producing excellent show quality kittens.

I highly recommend a "natural" diet. Most pet foods are junk. Please take the time to investigate natural pet foods available or ask me and I will be happy to assist.

The savings in the long run will payoff.

The main portion of my cats and kittens diet is raw meat since cats are carnivores and thrive on raw meat. The difference in their coat and health is amazing. Knowing not all new owners will wish to prepare raw foods the kittens also have kibble and canned food available also. I recommend reading the  web site for a better understanding of the raw food diet or feel free to contact me for information about their product. I continually strive to produce healthy, well adjusted kittens. I recently started using this product with raw beef that I get for Bill Lea with North Carolina Beef  at 386-437-5160. Bill will be able to tell you where his raw beef is available.  I have fed a raw diet for many years and have found my cats love the Know Better Pet Food powder added to their raw beef. This product mixed with raw meat makes a complete and balanced food for your cat or dog with many health benefits. This is the first food offered to my kittens and they plow into it.

I guarantee you will be happy with your new kitten or I will buy it back less shipping charges. They have health certificates from my veterinarian and vaccinations.

The kittens are available for new homes at approximately 10 to 12 weeks of age.  Please visit the American Cat Fanciers Association web site and click Cat Breeds then click Egyptian Mau. There you will find in my article some interesting Mau information. You will also be able to find the Mau standards. I welcome questions about my cats so please feel free to inquire. Sometimes it is necessary to be on a waiting list for color and sex wanted. You are welcome to make arrangements for just the right kitten.

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The Egyptian Mau is the only natural spotted domestic breed of cat lending an elegant appearance to this striking cat. There are only a few thousand Maus in the United States. I first fell in love with the Mau at my first visit to a cat show. I thought they were the most beautiful cat I had ever seen. This stayed with me until the opportunity arose to acquire my very own Mau. The first Egyptian Mau immigrated to this country in 1956 and recognized by CFA for championship competition in 1977. The Egyptian Mau is moderately active. Some distinctive attributes include the gooseberry green eyes, primorial skin flap which allows the long stride and agility. The Mau is able to reach speeds of 36 mph. The Egyptian Mau has four hind toes and five in front.

The forehead is barred with an "M" and mascara lines from the corner of the eyes. The tail and legs are heavily banded, the upper chest has one or more broken necklaces and "vest buttons" on the tummy.


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