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Our Family Photo Album

Feeding time in the Mas-Ree Maus kitchen

Kittens and Kids just go together

Two adorable Little kittens from Mas-Ree Maus

Mandy's Kitten

A bronze beauty, Angel, living in S. Florida.

Sharifa, a kitten owned and shown by Dot Mardulier

A bronze Mau Kitty

A bronze and a silver Mau


Pasha was my first Mau, she started it all. "My Pretty" as I called her at

times was so special to me. She passed 2/11 and would have been 15 years old

soon. Many nights we went to sleep with me holding her paw. She loved being close.

Many thought she had a regal appearance. She ruled the other cats with an iron claw.

I miss her each day.

Pasha with two of her kittens

Here we have seven of Pasha's kittens

This is Rani when she was a kitten

Our Savannah at an AFCA show

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