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Shown below are some of my cats. I have some that just don't like show halls so they got to stay home. I learned early on not to force it. It does tug at your heart when you have some that are so beautiful and deserve the recognition but are frightened by the sights, smells and noise of a show hall.


Brockhaven Michel of Mas-Ree Maus

My thanks go out to Dot Brockson for allowing me to have Michel. He has the most loving disposition, so affectionate and produces wonderful spotted kittens. He is 3 generations out of Egypt. He would rather be snuggling around my neck than running in the back yard. When I let him out for a run ( I have cat fencing) all I have to do is call his name and he is back in a flash. As you can see he has the extreme long body type and beautiful green eyes. He is a bronze.



Quadruple Champion Mas-Ree Maus Ramzees Hadeeya 2003 Southeast Region Best Egyptian Mau-Kitten, Second Best Egyptian Mau-Cat, Second Best Silver Egyptian Mau-Cat


My beautiful, beautiful boy, my "good boy". I am missing you so. Our bond will never be broken. It was such a pleasure spending time with you at cat shows and here at home. You were known as the "Miracle Cat" and you proved that many times. Watch for me, I will be along in good time. 'Til we see each other again.

Grand Champion ACFA, CFA Ch. Ramzee Silverlining of Mas-Ree Maus. Winner of the 2001 Inter-American Best Egyptian Mau Cat, Best Silver. Also, Southeast Regional Twentieth Best Cat, Best Egyptian Mau Cat. Retired

Miss Kiki Of Mas-Ree Maus from Mallenium Maus. I got Kiki from Dot Mardulier and she is a real beauty and joy to me. She doesn't care for cat shows so she stays home where she is happy. Kiki greets  me at the door when I come home and sleeps with me. My constant companion. Here again not all beauties are show cats. She goes back a couple of generations to my breeding and that makes me proud. Dot and I have worked well together.


Grand Champion Mas-Ree Maus Susu From Pashan Ingot, a silver female, won 2000-2001 Southeast Regional Fourteenth Best Kitten, Best Egyptian Mau Kitten. Retired

2001-2002 Southeast Regional Best Egyptian Mau Cat ACFA



Double Champion Mas-Ree Maus Savannah Star 1999 InterAmerican Best Egyptian Mau ACFA, South East Regional Best Egyptian Mau ACFA, 20th Best Kitten in South East Region over all breeds of kitten ACFA. Now producing beautiful show quality kittens. Retired



Champion Dark Ingot - Not the best picture of Ingot but I can not say enough about this cat. He has been the backbone of my cattery and deserves recognition. Didn't like cat shows so he stayed home. Green eyes to die for. Has produced many show quality kittens. Just goes to prove a cat doesn't have to be a Grand Champion to be grand.



Mas-Ree Rani of Bastet. Retired

Champion 'Sundance' Napping. Retired

My Sundancie passed in 2010. He was my first tom and was so gentle and sweet the all.

Lady Bastet Retired



Grand Champion Mas-Ree Maus Zeus of Maulleium, Regional Winner, owned  by Dot Mardulier. 2001-2002 Northeast Region TICA-19th Best Cat, 8th Best Shorthair, Best Egyptian Mau, Best Silver Spotted Tabby Egyptian Mau. TICA International Second Best Egyptian Mau Of The Year, TICA's Silver Spotted Tabby Egyptian Mau Of The Year

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